Saturday, July 1

Tour and Cup

The first of July is the anniversary for several significant events throughout history. It was on this day in 1863 that the bloody Battle of Gettysburg began. It would ultimately prove to be the decisive battle of the American War Between the States. Up to that time, the South had consistently maintained a strategic upper hand. But at Gettysburg, the Confederate Army under General Robert E. Lee was defeated by General George Meade and his Union troops. More than 37,000 men were killed or wounded in the three days of fighting.

Four years later on this day, in 1867, Canada became a self-governing dominion of Great Britain as the British North America Act took effect. And then, it was on this day in 1980 that O Canada was proclaimed the national anthem of Canada.

It was also on this day, in 1898, that Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders volunteer cavalry regiment secured an American victory in the Battle of Santiago by storming San Juan Hill in Cuba. To avoid capture, Spanish Admiral Pascual Cervera retreated from Santiago harbor on July 3. The Spanish ships were attacked by the American fleet, burned and sunk. Two weeks later, Spain surrendered.

But with the start of the Tour de France and the last two games of the World Cup quarter-finals, I confess my attention is not exactly focused on Canada, TR, or General Lee. I’m just hoping someone can beat the brutal Portugal side and that the Americans can maintain Lance Armstrong’s legacy--each day I'll be following the results of the Tour on my Run Blog.

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Lawrence Underwood said...

In my opinion Gettysburg is one of the most poignant symbols of God's hand being active through providential guidance. In that battle both generals switched roles. It is odd and inexplicable to see both Lee and Meade as they fought. In an interesting twist this is the only battle that Lee fought 'Longstreet style' and Longstreet was dead against it at Gettysburgh. It is also one of the times that had the CSA won they would have had an open shot to Washington. At Chancelorsville, had Pickett stayed abreast the Union would have been roled up and not had time to entrench for day two. Obviously God had other designs for this nation than a Confederate victory.

For the record, I humbly submit my SCV member, Southron, Old South heart to my Sovereign's wisdom and hand.