Sunday, August 6

Better Spelling for Hackers

A hacker shut down our websites and e-mail for a little less than a day this weekend. He must have thought he was being humorous. Alas, I'm not sure he knows much about humor. He apparently also doesn't know much about spelling. In a message he left for me, he misspelled three two-letter words! Really!

So, in the interest of helping hackers everywhere to compose coherent messages, I am prepared to list every single one of the 96 two-letter words--with their definitions--from that great repository of literary learning: The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. And they are all spelled correctly:

AA: rough, cindery lava
AB: abdominal muscle
AD: advertisement
AE: one
AG: pertaining to agriculture
AH: expresses delight
AI: three-toed sloth
AL: an East Indian tree
AM: form of "to be"
AN: indefinite article
AR: the letter "R"
AS: to the same degree
AT: in the position of
AW: expresses protest
AX: cutting tool
AY: affirmative vote
BA: (Egyptian) eternal soul
BE: to have actuality
BI: a bisexual
BO: a pal
BY: a side issue
DE: of; from: used in names
DO: a tone of the scale
ED: pertaining to education
EF: the letter "F"
EH: expresses doubt
EL: elevated railroad
EM: the letter "M"
EN: the letter "N"
ER: expresses hesitation
ES: the letter "S"
ET: a past tense of eat
EX: the letter "X"
FA: a tone of the scale
GO: to move along
HA: sound of surprise
HE: male person
HI: used as a greeting
HM: expresses consideration
HO: expresses surprise
ID: part of the psyche
IF: a possibility
IN: to harvest
IS: form of "to be"
IT: neuter pronoun
JO: sweetheart
KA: (Egyptian) spiritual self
LA: tone of the scale
LI: Chinese unit of distance
LO: expresses surprise
MA: mother
ME: personal pronoun
MI: tone of the scale
MM: expresses assent
MO: a moment UP: to raise
MU: a Greek letter
MY: possessive pronoun
NA: no; not
NE: born with the name of
NO: a negative reply
NU: a Greek letter
OD: a hypothetical force
OE: Faeroe Islands whirlwind
OF: coming from
OH: to exclaim in surprise
OM: a mantra
ON: batsman's side of wicket
OP: a style of abstract art
OR: the heraldic color gold
OS: a bone
OW: expresses pain
OX: a clumsy person
OY: expresses dismay
PA: father
PE: a Hebrew letter
PI: a Greek letter
RE: a tone of the scale
SH: urges silence
SI: ti (a tone of the scale)
SO: sol (a tone of the scale)
TA: expression of gratitude
TI: a tone of the scale
TO: in the direction of
UH: expresses hesitation
UM: indicates hesitation
UN: one
US: personal pronoun
UT: musical tone (is now DO)
WE: pronoun
WO: woe


Lawrence Underwood said...

I wondered what had happened. Praise God for your wonderful sense of humour. Would it not be wonderful if we could have an online scrabble game? But, then there are probably those who have programs that come up with words to utilise, thus destroying the game.

Amy said...

You tell 'em, Der!

Raz Rybczynski said...

I was told by a missionary who knows you, that your greatest virtues were not your intellect and broad interest in life, but your sense of humor and humilty. I don't think I really understood that until this post. Thank you for showing us your character in such subtle ways. It is a real inspiration.

Delmar Smith said...

Makes you wonder how he could hack with such bumble-fingered typos!

Emma Rose said...

I come here when I'm looking for something good to read. ...That was it.

Rob Scott said...

It seems to me that hackers loose something when they're not familiar with good grammer and spelling. Well, it's their loss.

(SIC! :-)

William Hill said...

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