Wednesday, August 9

Borders Database

The national bookstore chain, Borders, now has most of my in-print books in their database. The books may not actually be in your local outlet, but I am told that it is an easy matter to order them. So, if you're in need of additional copies of Bless This Food, The Patriot's Handbook, Christian Almanac, Carry a Big Stick, or any of the other books, stop by a Borders and get them there. As we get closer to the holiday season, apparently they will be featuring Christmas Spirit.


Dr. Knox said...

Does that mean that now your books will be readily available here in the UK?

Delmar Smith said...

Wonderful news. Some of the best of your books have been very difficult to find except online--and not everone likes to shop for books virtually. I for one, like to hold the book in my hands, look at the layout, feel the binding and the paper texture, and even smell the ink before I commit to buy--even if it is a book from one of my favorite authors like you!

gileskirk said...

Yes, I believe any of the Borders or BooksEtc stores anywhere can get the books. This is a great leap forward for our distribution.