Saturday, January 27

What I'm Listening To Now


covenantpromise said...

Dr Grant,

Something tells me you know these folks. Track 5 is entitled "Compliments to George Grant". Are these folks Franklinites? You recommended HEM in one of your lectures a couple of months ago. I received "Funnel Cloud" and "Eveningland" for Christmas and have been on a HEM jag ever since. Their music is gorgeous!!! I take you music recomendations seriously. Oh by the way, the HEM link on kingsmeadow is a dead end. The web address is

Blessings to you and yours.
Jason Parolini

Amy said...

Mr. Parolini,
Fixed! Thanks for the heads up on the HEM link.


gileskirk said...

Jason: The Mountain Aires are not from Tennessee. They hail from North Carolina and are (mostly) Gileskirk students who, together with their musical mentor, have put together one really remarkable Bluegrass band. The tune Compliments to George Grant was a "tip of the hat" to me, but is actually an old, traditional tune written to honor one of the first elders ordained by John Knox at Gileskirk during the Scottish Reformation. Wonderful stuff!

Karen said...

Greetings from the banjo player's mom here in North Carolina. Thank you for posting the Carolina Mountain Aires new CD. If anyone would like to order a CD they can contact the young men of the band at or . Hope that is OK to post, George.

NeoAthanasius said...

Thank you for posting this, Dr. Grant! The music is also available, with samples, at

I'm glad you've enjoyed it.

one of the Mountain Aires