Monday, January 29


There is a wonderful article on Mozart’s genius in the latest online issue of Books and Culture.

An alarming article in the Washington Post confirms what I have long feared: books are no long the primary business of our libraries.

OK. Just to prove that my appetite for peculiarities is more than a little odd--and that I’ll read just about anything that pertains to those odd peculiarities--there is my favorite Shave Blog. Yes, you read that right: it’s a shave blog!

And this just in: Obama smokes! It may be part of the reason for his recent stump successes, says this article in Slate. No, really.

And of course, you won’t want to miss the new King's Meadow Study Center newsletter on books, movies, and music.


Unknown said...

Wow. So while the fact that you actually read a Shave Blog is slightly amazing ...(George when DO you sleep?!?!?), even more amzing is that Corey Greenburg (Shave Blog contributor) actually wrote 2,650 words ABOUT shaving!!

Lawrence Underwood said...

If mister Greenburg wants to really have a good shave he should try a Dovo Straight Razor. I've been using one for years and I will never go back. It takes a little longer, but your skin is better off, and I don't have to shave twice a day. And, I never buy refills!

Plus, it really makes your stock go up on men's retreats. :)

zimbloggy said...

I was reading 'Call of Duty' by Wilkins and I read the little paper flap bio thing and found out he was the Auburn Avenue guy. I know you know Wilkins, so what is your stance on the Auburn Avenue covenantalism thing?

Unknown said...

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