Thursday, February 1

As Ugly As Sin

Modern brutalitarian architecture has often been appropriately critiqued as "ugly as sin." Two recent news stories highlight the fact that people may finally be wising up:

According to The City Journal a modernist architectural "icon" in Boston is finally going the way of the Dodo. It's about time!

Along the same line, an alternative to those nasty modernist FEMA trailers may soon be available to consumer markets according to the always interesting The Institute of Classical Architecture Blog. Huzzah!


Lawrence Underwood said...

There would be many areas of our locale that would certainly look better with rows of those cottages. You can't believe how depressing it is to see acres of those ugly FEMA trailers. On top of that they are very poorly manufactured. Many of them down here are already falling apart. Typical federal government work. . .

Unknown said...

My favorite line of the City Journal piece (for those who may not click through):

"Raw concrete also seems to have the same effect on vagrants that fire hydrants have on dogs: it is an irresistible invitation to urinate. So Brutalism may be the only architectural style with its very own smell."

May it never be in Franklin, TN.

Stejahen said...

Thanks for the links, BTW, have you seen the book on church architecture Ugly as Sin?