Tuesday, February 6

Slow Reading

Harvard's Lindsay Waters wants to start a movement. Right now. But, very slowly. Very, very slowly. Writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education, he states his case against "speed reading" and beckons for us all to return to the quiet, deliberative, and thoughtful practice of slow reading. You absoltely must read this. But please, take your time!


Lawrence Underwood said...

Excellent article. Thanks for posting it. Many of his ideas have application in the study of theology as well.

Jason Charlton said...

Dr. Grant,

Wonderful article. Thanks for posting it. I have printed it off for all of our teaching staff.

Jason Charlton
Artios Academy

Jacqui said...

Dr. Grant,
Where can I email you at to run my 40 hr. project idea by you for approval?

gileskirk said...


You can use either my KingsMeadow.com address or my ParishPres.org address.

Christian said...

I always read out loud in my head. So now I don't have to feel bad at taking so long :)