Tuesday, February 6

How to Read Slowly

Once Waters has convinced you. Let James Sire teach you. This is my favorite book for teaching reading skills, reading comprehension, and most importantly, reading enjoyment. Sire, the senior editor at IVP during the halcyon days when Francis Schaeffer first started publishing, will gently guide you toward a life of reading deeply, delightfully, and "worldviewishly." You'll never even be tempted to rush through a great book again. After all, speed kills.


Jacqui said...

Amen! I've discovered the joy of reading slowly, and it's really helped me to learn to think and really appreciate what I'm reading.

Kerry said...

My daughter has college-aged friends who have to read this book for a class...very quickly. They remark how the speed they must read this book goes against the title of the book.

Thank you for promoting this book, especially since many classical educators seem to think reading more is better than reading deep!

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your perspective. It goes right along with my own and the one I share with my children.