Sunday, February 4

Beyond the Ultimate

In case you missed their full page ad in USA Today, you probably will be encouraged to know that the two head coaches facing off in Super Bowl XLI have joined forces to create an unprecedented evangelistic outreach to the nation. Visit the Beyond the Ultimate site to see how these two remarkable friends are utilizing the good providence of their success in sport to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel.

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Inkling said...

I think that's great, but I do find it rather ironic, considering what many churches have encountered with this particular Super Bowl. My old home church used to have a huge men's outreach utilizing the Super Bowl, their own large screens, and the men's ministry. According to a last minute email yesterday, that annual gathering has been cancelled due to their desire to stay on the right side of copyright laws, and the fact that their screens were larger than 55 inches. The NFL was apparently cracking down on churches who were planning parties centered around the game. To some it may sound a little sacrilegious to use a church for a football game, but this particular church can count among its Christ-followers more than a few guys who first met Jesus because of a Super Bowl party.