Friday, February 2

Let It Snow

OK, there really wasn't all that much. Even so, the first snow of the season dusted Middle Tennessee this morning with what John Milton once called "the sublime glory of whitness."


Richard in Austin said...

Wish I could post pictures here to share...we had an ice storm down here in Texas a couple weeks was absolutely gorgeous...glorious iced cactus everywhere!!!

covenantpromise said...

Early this morning, My family and I (that would be three little un's and my beautiful bride) headed for a nearby hill (such as they are in the mid-state) and enjoyed some sledding. It was grand indeed. "The heavens and the earth declare the glory of God".....

Jason Parolini

bonnie said...

Dr. G ~
What work of Milton does that wonderful line come from?


gileskirk said...

Bonnie: That is a line from one of his political tracts written during the English Civil War. In this particular essay, he was describing the battle field in Scotland during the Battle of Kelso.