Monday, February 26

A Best-Seller!

It’s not often that I ever make it onto a bestseller list--much less to the top of one! In fact, I don’t think I’ve had a number one since Grand Illusions very briefly made it to the top of the CBA non-fiction list nearly two decades ago! My book on the ACLU made it all the way to number nine once. The first edition of Blood of the Moon just barely broke into the top twenty-five. And some sixty book later, that’s been pretty much it. Until now.

This week The Patriot’s Handbook (the first edition was released over a decade ago and the second edition was released a little over three years ago) made it to the top of the WorldNetDaily bestseller list. OK, I know. So, this is not exactly the sort of thing that is going to make headlines anywhere (except here, I guess). Still, it is more than a little gratifying. Woohoo!


Unknown said...

Dr. Grant,
You know Caroline Kennedy also compiled a book called THE PATRIOT'S HANDBOOK. I don't really want two books in my library with the same title, so which of the two do you recommend?


Josh said...


Obviously Dr G's book.

Dr G--


M. Stewart said...

Its a great book! Our students used it as a source of primary documents in their US History class.

I heartily recommend it to all!

Lawrence Underwood said...

A hearty congratulations!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

It is a wonderful resource and handy reference!

Richard in Austin said...

Hey...don't knock it...WorldNetDaily ROCKS!!!

al said...

By the way, thanks for Grand Illusions. I stumbled upon it (in a Waldenbooks! What are the odds?) during spring break in high school while I was doing research on abortion for my speech class.

Needless to say, it was a far cry from anything they let us put our hands on in the school library.

I'm pretty sure my teacher's eyes are still the size of cantaloupes.

al said...

I should say that was around 1989. Totally different world back then.