Monday, February 12

Odds and Ends

Wowed by the life and business efficiency techniques detailed in books like Getting Things Done by David Allen? Check out the 43 Folders blog for a host of very helpful interviews, profiles, reviews, and insights.

Want to learn how to train for a marathon or half marathon? You need to check out the Marathon Rookie website. It is chock-a-block full of great information, tips, and training programs.

Do you really know what to look for and what to ask when you have to hire an employee? Mike Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson, offers some insight on his always informative From Where I Sit blog.


Matt said...

Dr. Grant: What exactly was mercantilism?

Laura Kathryn said...

Dr. Grant,
I am taking 'American History since 1877' in college this semester and I have an outside reading assignment - 250+ pages on a certain topic; I chose 'The signifigance of the frontier in American History.' Do you have any recommended readings? Have you written a book on the subject yourself?
Appreciate it -Kathryn Green
ps. see you in Nashville! Lord willing I'll be running my first 1/2 marathon.

Johnny! said...

Hyatt also has a fantastic podcast on the Church Councils, though some of his teaching is a little stinging to us Prots.

WES said...

GTD wallpaper:

The David Allen Company website:

Lawrence Underwood said...

Wow, that marathon rookie site is great! I sure wish it had been around twenty years ago. . . but, alas, I'm a rookie again.

gileskirk said...

Matt: Mercantilism is a combine of big business and big government. It is very similar to what is today called "enterprise socialism" or "fascism."