Tuesday, April 24

RC and GG

On this day in 1558, the first two new candidates for the ministry since the beginning of the Reformation in Scotland were ordained by John Knox at Gileskirk in Edinburgh. Both Robert Campbell Sproul and James George Grant were members of prominent Highland families and would ultimately carry the message of the Gospel deep into the northern Gaelic lands near Inverness.


Lawrence Underwood said...

Aye for the Scots!
What a great legacy you both have been given. Too bad about that Campbell connection. . . Clan Donald here.

Adam Graham said...

I'm curious. Are these any relation to yourself and R.C. Sproul?

gileskirk said...

Adam: Somewhere down the line, I am sure. But, things got a little muddled around the time of the Rising of 1745, so it is difficult to trace geneologies with any accuracy. At that time, several of the Highland Clans were forced by the English to combine with other clans, change their names, alter inheritance covenants, or be sent into exile. So, this little tidbit is about as close as we can get to historical accuracy.