Tuesday, April 24

Tolkien Review

Although Elizabeth Hand invariably mistakes the themes of Biblical Providence for Helenistic Fate, her review of J.R.R. Tolkien's newly published novel, The Children of Hurin for the Washington Post is otherwise surprisingly good.


Lawrence Underwood said...

Ah, yes. That mythic past which spawned the Old Testament. We must pray for her.

Rat said...

Well, at least she didn't use the "W" word ("Wagner").

Curiously enough, this is actually the first Children of Hurin review I've yet seen that doesn't include some form of it (most usually "Wagnerian"). Each time I've seen it used, in each new review, I shake my head in bafflement and grin a little wider.

oldfatslow said...

I've got to admit that I first thought Greek tragedy when I read CoH: no matter what you do, bad stuff happens. The more Christopher Tolkien publishes of his father's work, the more I think unfinished work should be burned at an author's death. But, I'm in a bad mood today. Tomorrow, maybe I'll be cheerier.