Friday, October 12

Answering Critics through Kingdom Giving

My friend Mike Milton, in preparation for the annual missions conference at First Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, reminded me of the vital import of Great Commission investment by quoting these two Christian stalwarts of the past:

"The evangelization of the world is the only enterprise large enough and important enough to provide an adequate outlet for the Church's wealth." J. Campbell White

"Now, dear Christians, some of you pray night and day to be branches of the true Vine. You pray to be made over in the image of Christ. If so, you must be like Him in giving. 'Though He was rich, yet for our sakes He became poor.'" B. B. Warfield


Johnny! said...

Dr. Grant, may I semi-hijack this post to ask a question?

I remember you speaking once about how Christian giving could eliminate the need for government welfare. You referred to a Congressional subcommittee's study. I'm racking my brain trying to remember where I heard you say that.

So, what was that study again?

gileskirk said...

Johnny: That one is really, really old--from the mid-eighties. It was a study conducted by then-Congressman Jack Kemp. I used the reference in my first book, Bringing in the Sheaves.

Interestingly, the idea is not new to America or to the era of Reaganomics. It was suggested by Thomas Chalmers in the 19th century, by Jan Amos Comenius in the 18th century, by Cotton Mather in the 17th century, by John Calvin in the 16th, and...well, you get the idea.

Johnny! said...

...and by God in Deuteronmy!

Thanks! Looking through my copy now...

bpr said...

That would be awesome, if the church cared enough about its members and those in need, and took care of it.

And those quotes are great. I agree with White. A church that does not invest in world missions is not very well focused. Not lost, but definitely in need of reprioritization.