Tuesday, August 26

On the Nightstand


Bart Newton said...

I had the opportunity to watch Morris discuss this book on C-Span last weekend. Fascinating.

Morris didn't hesitate to make clear his support of Sen. McCain over Sen. Obama and why.

Bart N.

Johnny! said...

And in his spare time, Dr. Grant likes to hit himself in the head with a hammer!

I don't know if I could make myself read one of those.

Josh (the sexiest thing here) said...

How's Mansfield's book?

gileskirk said...

Josh: Brilliant as always. Stephen is a great writer. His insights are very unique. There is simply nothing else like it. That said, the book convinced me that Obama is even more dangerous, deluded, and deleterious than I thought--and I thought he was really, really bad to begin with.