Saturday, August 30

Page 69 Test

Have you ever tried the Page 69 Test? I learned of this interesting theory about how to decide if a book is actually worth reading while following the footnote trail--or more accurately, the hyperlink trail--from 43 Folders, to the Christian Science Monitor, to the London Guardian, and then finally to the Page 69 Test itself. Quite an informative journey—and a fascinating exercise. Now, I'm going to try to track down the original Marshall McLuhan source.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the internet rabbit trail taking a comment of Marshall McLuhan to it's inevitable destiny: a website or country music song. When you find where he was quoted I would love to hear of the particular trail you blazed to find the source. Who would have thought the internet would so pervasive in our lifetimes - that to find a source - which must have taken scholars as recently as the 90's hours and days - now is accomplished in minutes.

I am going through all your books and put them to the page 69 test - to see if they would win over a stranger.

CPCC Pastor said...

Thanks, George for the page 69 info. Keep us posted what you find (that site was light on info about the method, and author, etc).

Austin Bob said...

Ray --

You must have a lot of time on your hands!