Sunday, November 9

A Cambridge ESV!


Karen said...

Excuse my ignorance. I would love to hear your reasons for featuring this printing? What is it about ESV that you like?

gileskirk said...

Karen: I've been using the ESV almost exclusively since it was published in 2001. It is as accurate as the NASB and as readable as the NIV. So, it avoids the literary inadequacies of the former and the theological deficiencies of the latter while maintaining the commendable strengths of both.

The bindings, papers, fonts, and print designs of the Crossway editions I've had are all very adequate, but this new Cambridge edition is just magnificent.

Karen said...

Thank you, Dr. Grant. Good to know. A number of years ago, I switched over to the NASB for accuracy, however, at the expense of readability. Thank you for this insight on the ESV translation. I look forward to looking into it.

Brian Vawter said...

Dr. Grant,

I couldn't agree more. I received my brown goatskin Cambridge ESV about a week ago and it is now my Bible of choice. I love it!

Nate Shurden said...

Dr. Grant,

I couldn't agree more. Now, if I could only afford the Cambridge edition!

(Can someone say, "Christmas wish list?")

In case you haven't seen, Mark Bertrand has done a very fine job reviewing a number of different Bibles on his website. He pays particularly close attention to layout, bindings, paper, and other key features of good Bible making. It's worth a look:

Thoughts on the ESV Study Bible?


Steve said...

Sorry to be off topic:
It appears the RSS feed for this blog goes to the run blog. Is there a working feed for this blog?

Len Hendrix said...

Reports from some seminary friends are that the ESV Study Bible is a great new resource.

George, thanks for the recommendation of the Cambridge Edition, I'll check it out.

BTW, I missed you at NP. Hope to see you soon. FLH

Linda said...

Nate - thanks for the tip on a good Bible review site. I'm looking forward to checking into the new Cambridge ESV, too.

Karen said...

Off topic:

I'm also looking for a working RSS Feed. I absolutely love RSS Feed.


gileskirk said...

Nate: Besides the fact that the ESV Study Bible is "honking-huge," as Monty Python would say, it is quite brilliant. Just shy of the size of a Stong's Concordance, it is definitely best kept as a desk reference.

gileskirk said...

Steve: We're trying to figure out why every time we fix the RSS feed, it reverts back to the Run Blog address. Something in the auto-converter of Blogger is obviously constipated!

Jeremy VanGelder said...

Hello Everyone,

A few weeks ago I started using an external service to create a feed of this blog. It only updates twice a day, so you won't get your Dr. Grant fix the instant a new post is created. But it does perform the essential functions of any RSS feed. The link is below:

Steve said...

Thanks VERY MUCH!!
In Christ,

Lawrence Underwood said...

Is this the Pitt Minon? I have one coming. I've been waiting for Cambridge to pick up the ESV. You are right about the ESV Study Bible. It is a boat anchor. But, it is the best study Bible I've seen.