Saturday, November 22

First Steps

There is just so much to like about Kerry Collins. Even if his Tennessee Titans fail to win another game this season, his unlikely leadership, his rare humility, his forthright honesty, and his gutsy return to football prominence make him one of the most refreshing figures in sports today. Even ESPN says so! In Rick Reilly's most recent column, he makes the point as only Rick Reilly could:

I like Kerry Collins. Whether he plays like Fran Tarkenton or Fran Drescher, he never makes excuses. After he performed like a Xanaxed ferret in the 2001 Super Bowl, lobbing four picks to the Ravens in the Giants' blowout loss, he stood at the podium postgame and said, "I sucked today. I was prepared. I was ready. I just played terrible." No matter how he screws up his life—and the young Collins found more ways than MapQuest—he always faces the music. Hell, he sticks his face in the tuba.

Agreed. I have no idea if Collins is a believer, or if he has any understanding of the Gospel at all. But, it is clear, he knows a thing or two about the fallenness of man, the need for redemption, and at the very least, the first steps toward repentance. So, it probably comes as no surprise to anyone that I am rooting for Kerry Collins to achieve a for-real Eleventary tomorrow against another of my sports favs, Brett Favre.


Amy said...

Awwwww...You dun him right, Der! I can honestly say I've never been more impressed with a sports figure in my life, even when he plays terrible...or maybe especialy when he plays terrible!

Jason Smith said...

Great thoughts Dr. Grant. Truly refreshing piece by Reilly too. Go Collins!

This story reminds me, somewhat, of the Josh Hamilton MLB story.

It is beautiful to see second acts. And happy endings.

Lawrence Underwood said...

When the season first began I had my doubts. I've always like Colins as a person, but I just wondered. Now, WOW! Amazing. Perhaps redemption draweth nigh?

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Dr. G to draw a parallel between Kerry Collins and the Gospel of fallenness and redemption!

Jim H. said...

I spent most of my career as a sports journalist and came across few professional athletes like Collins. He reminds me of Darryl Green, who always talked to reporters when the Redskins lost, even if he got burned on a touchdown pass, or on one occasion, fumbled a punt return to contribute to a loss. Green's humility was real, and so was/is his faith.