Monday, December 8

Book Sale

This Saturday at Parish Pres, several students of Franklin Classical School and New College Franklin will be holding a book sale to raise funds for missions (for the Classical School of the Medes in Iraq and for New College Franklin). The books have all been culled from my personal library. My goal has been to pull about 2,000 volumes or so--some are duplicates, some are already read and don't need to remain archived, and some are publisher review copies. There will also be copies of the new Parish Pres cookbook, Saints Bearing Casseroles. In addition, a few other folks have donated books of various kinds and there will be fresh baked goodies, coffee, cider, and other refreshments available for sale. So, come early, stay late, and snag some Christmas presents for all those hard-to-buy-for folks on your list. Doors open at 8:30 AM and won't close until 3:00 PM.


Unknown said...

You might consider posting a list of leftovers after the booksale. Some of us would love to both buy a book and support the great work of classical Christian education going on in Iraq.


Inkling said...

Oh please, tell my brother that his sister will pay for John Buchan, Sayers, and any Q he can find....especially Q, as he seems to be nonexistent in my part of Canada. (The used bookstore owner in our town didn't even know who any of those authors were when I asked him if he had any of their works.) After all, you always seemed to clean out my favorite used bookstore right before I got there. =)

I think I need to place a long distance call to Franklin and give my brother a mandate for this weekend. But I'll try to be responsible and not call this late, even though it does sort of feel like an emergency.

gileskirk said...

Sarah: I'm afraid many of the really good books keep getting snapped up by the workers--before the sale has even started! So far, all the Chestertons, the Qs, and the Buchans have almost all been taken!

Nate Shurden said...

Those dirty little elves, seizing the gifts for themselves before they can be gifted for others in greater need... They ought to be ashamed.

Of course, this is something akin to my worst nightmare. Great books I've righteously coveted, for sale for whoever will purchase them (even for a good cause!), yet there's no possible way for me to attain them...

Sounds something like a plot from a Stephen King novel, doesn't it?