Friday, December 19

Paul Weyrich: 1942-2008

"The last forty years of Washington politics is, in a sense, a series of footnotes to Paul Weyrich." --George F. Will

"Paul Weyrich is the man a generation of Washington conservatives wanted to be when they grew up." --Tom DeLay

"No single person--other than Ronald Reagan-- has done more to create the modern conservative movement than Paul Weyrich. I'm not sure there could have been a 'Contract with America' without Paul Weyrich's leadership."
--Newt Gingrich

"If there were a Mount Rushmore for conservative leaders, Paul's face would have to be on it." --Morton Blackwell

"In the beginning there was Paul Weyrich. Forty-two years in Washington, leading the conservative movement. Not just talking, leading." --Rush Limbaugh


Gretchen said...

Paul Weyrich will be greatly missed. His tenacity and his ability to plan for future generations are needed for such a time as this. And his reverance and love for God were very pure and from a big heart. May his family take comfort in knowing he was a man of integrity, a true statesman. My husband is now welcoming Paul into that great cloud of witnesses.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

One of my heroes.

Lawrence Underwood said...

And, one of mine as well.

Unknown said...

Paul was the main reason I went to Washington in 87. Over breakfast in Dallas, he had invited me to drop by. When I did, he picked up the phone and built a bridge to the leader of the organization which hired me.

Yes, he was a real giant. But, I was always amazed at his kindness to me, one who could not help or hurt him. I'm sure many others have the same testimony of him.