Monday, January 19

Popularity v. Principle

“Look, I’ve been both popular and not so popular. But the thing that matters most in life is not one’s popularity but principles. And I am not going to sacrifice my principles on the altar of political popularity. If you chase popularity, you’ll be a lousy president. If you make decisions based upon sound principles, you’ve done your job.”
--President George W. Bush


Scribbler said...

The minstrel played,
to gather a crowd
But no one came ,
so he played very loud
Why did they not come,
he thought to himself
He pondered the thought ,
to place his lute on the shelf
Then he had another,
a thought to think beyond
Maybe it was the tune,
that the people frowned upon
So, he changed his tune,
in hopes they would hear
But no one cared to listen ,
so here's the moral my dear
If you play to the crowd,
then to them you belong
And the crowd is always fickle,
so they won't stay very long
But , if you play for the beauty ,
of the tune in your heart
No matter if there is a crowd,
the music will not depart

gileskirk said...

Beautifully put.