Thursday, January 22

Roe v. Wade

In perhaps its most divisive and controversial decision since Dred Scott, the Supreme Court overturned the infanticide and homicide laws in abortion cases in all fifty states by legalizing abortion procedures from the moment of conception until just before the moment of birth. Delivered 36 years ago today, on January 22, 1973, the Roe v. Wade decision sent shock waves throughout the nation—the effects of which are still felt. In a remarkably argued majority opinion, Associate Justice Blackmun introduced several creative constitutional innovations—including a heretofore unrecognized “right to privacy.” Like the Dred Scott decision before it, this case actually only exacerbated the debate the court set out to resolve.


DS said...

Is it possible, even in the midst of the current inaugural euphoria, that the "content of a man's character" is determined more by his reverence for life in utero, and less by his socio-economic ideology ?

Mrs. Sinta said...

I am sorry to confess that I was 12 at the time, and I remember hearing the announcement on the radio, as a non-Christian, and thinking that it was a step forward for women. The carnage and brutality has been completely overwhelming and on a scale we cannot really comprehend. It is a time for mourning, fasting and prayer for our nation, and for our own hardened hearts.