Monday, March 2

For Texas Independence Day

There's a yellow rose of Texas
That I am going to see
No other soldier knows her
No soldier, only me.
She cried so when I left her
It like to broke my heart
And if I ever find her
We never more will part.

She's the sweetest rose of color
This soldier ever knew
Her eyes are bright as diamonds
They sparkle like the dew.
You may talk about your dearest May
And sing of Rosa Lee
But the Yellow Rose of Texas
Beats the belles of Tennessee.

Oh, my heart is feeling weary
And my head is hanging low
I'm goin' back to Georgy
To find my Uncle Joe.
You may talk about your Beauregard
And sing of Bobby Lee
But the Gallant Hood of Texas
He raised Hell in Tennessee.


Calico Zak said...

I Saw poem once on the back of a tissue box.

Linda said...

It makes my heart ring!

A Young American said...

I wish I was from Texas! Darn CA!

RooT'awg said...

I may have a thing or two in common with Hood, 'tho gallant I am not.
San Antonio!

HenryJackson said...

I was born in Texas but did not live there, so I guess I have dual citizenship, one for Texas and the other for these here lesser United States!

FamilyEbiz said...

Glad to see you remembered your roots. From a proud native Texan (as most Texans are)!

Mark Dolan said...

I'm not from Texas, but I got here as soon as I could.

Jayme said...

OK, this makes me feel a little better about my impending move.

Owen Stroud said...
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Mrs. Sinta said...

Texas should be allowed to go independent and be their own country if they want. They are that different. They even have their own language, kind of an American Quebec.

BriannaB said...

Long live the Republic! :)