Monday, November 23

St. Clement’s Day

Serving as the pastor of the church in Rome just after Peter, Linus, and Cletus at the end of the first century, Clement (c. 100) was one of the greatest stalwarts of the early church. His letters, sermons, and commentaries remain among the best testimonies of the dynamism of the fledgling Christian witness. A constant encouragement to others, he was responsible for the establishment of at least seventy-five churches. His martyrdom apparently occurred on November 23 and as a result, believers have long remembered him on this day. Traditionally celebrated as the first day of winter throughout much of Christendom, this day is generally marked by community or guild suppers where co-workers gather to sing, to roast apples, and to offer mutual encouragement in the faith.


Dave said...

Other than Roman Catholic tradition, what proof is there that Peter founded the church in Rome and was the first pope?

gileskirk said...

There is no proof that Peter either founded the church in Rome or was a "pope." Indeed, we have good evidence otherwise. But of course, this post doesn't allude to either of those traditional Catholic assertions. On the other hand, we do have pretty substantial evidence that Peter did pastor the church there at one point--and that he was followed in time by Linus, Cletus, and then Clement.

Jeannette Lewis said...

Dr. Grant,
I'm always awed at the way you word things. Your vocabulary has broadened mine some.
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May the Lord bless you and keep you, make His face to shine upon you, and give you peace.
In His grip,
Autumn Lipford