Monday, May 17

Up, Up, and Away

Despite volcanic ash clouds to dodge, airport closures to navigate, flight delays to bear up under, the petty tyrannies of airport security to endure, and all the other assorted hassles associated with modern international travel to enjoy, it looks as if I will have 20 students and 4 adult chaperones in tow by midmorning tomorrow in London. We've got a long day and night ahead of us--but lots of adventure ahead awaits on the other side of the pond! Up, up, and away!

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Charity said...

Oh Dr. Grant! I've always thought that if I ever had the opportunity to go overseas to Europe there would be no one I'd rather go with than you. I was only able to take one full year of gileskirk, but it changed my life. I'm sure you'll be a great blessing to your students. Enjoy your trip!