Thursday, September 23

The Electoral College

My new book on the genius of the founding fathers and their federal vision for preserving our nation's liberty is now available. The Importance of the Electoral College has been published in a handsome paperback edition by Vision Forum and can be purchased at select fine bookstores--or from the Vision Forum website and their toll free customer service line (800-440-0022). Be sure to order a few extra copies for family members, friends, and neighbors who have bought the media myth that the Electoral College is an antiquated holdover from the 18th century that ought to be abolished. Note too that the book was designed to serve as a homeschool or classical school unit study for Civics classes. On top of all that, it is sure to provoke lots of lively dinner table conversation in these critical days leading up to November's election. At our church, even the youth group used the Q&A section last night as an ice-breaker exercise. So, be sure to get your copies today!

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