Friday, September 17

News Jonesing

If after the latest flap at CBS over faked news sources has got you totally fed up by the American media bias/incompetency/hubris, it may be the perfect time for you to spice up your news diet a bit. I always try to read news from as many different perspectives as possible--and especially from as many national perspectives as possible.

Thus, one of my daily mainstays is the BBC. But my current favorite is the German equivalent of America's NPR in Germany. Deutsche Welle offers internet radio programming in several formats as well as a very fine English-language news site. There you can catch up on world news from a German perspective as well as interesting insights into the breaking stories from throughout Eastern and Central Europe.

And for the latest polling numbers in the ever shifting-ever changing US presidential race, I have found the Electoral Vote Predictor site invaluable. The amount of data on the site is astounding and extraordinarily well organized.

Speaking of the Electoral College, my new book on the subject seems to be capturing a good bit of attention. I have already done interviews for National Public Radio, Point of View, and a host of local drive time programs around the country. Upcoming this week are stints on VCY America and Janet Parshall's program.

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