Tuesday, September 26

17 Days Until the Uttermost

Yes, you read that right. Three days. 175 miles. And yes, I am going to attempt to do all of it. With the students of Franklin Classical School and Artios Academy, I will be running (about 70 miles of the total), walking (about 10 miles), and cycling (the remaining 95 miles) in an effort to raise support for some of the most remarkable missions organizations I know of--including Servant Group International, African Leadership, Blood: Water Mission, and Mercy Children's Clinic.

Won't you help us attain our goal? Visit our Uttermost website, read about our mission, and pledge your support today!


Sira Birac said...

Amazing. I've just added my contribution. Thank you for leading the way for so many of us--spiritually, intellectually, and now, physically.

Jen Rose said...

That is a pretty agrressive and ambitious plan. I certainly will be praying for you and for your students.

Dr. Knox said...

I once thought that your marathons were admirable. Now, it appears I will have to recalibrate my expectations once again based on what you have proven to be possible. I must say, this newest project of yours is mind-boggling.

Inkling said...

The organizations you are supporting are worthy ones indeed.

On another note, I had some problems downloading September's newsletter on my Mac this morning. Is there a way your staff could re-load it onto the site? Just wondering.