Wednesday, September 27

Film Conference

A weekend for lovers of discussion, worldview, film...and food--that is how we are billing the Second Annual King’s Meadow Film Conference on October 27-28, 2006. We will be watching Eat Drink Man Woman, Mostly Martha, Babette’s Feast, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Our theme is festivity, naturally--how a Christian should embrace the call to joy and celebration even amidst all the woes of this poor fallen world. Discussions and lectures will be led by the brilliant Greg Wilbur, the marvelous filmmaker Thomas Purifoy, and me. The conference nicely coincides with the Franklin Pumpkin Festival. So come watch, eat, drink, and be merry! For more information, read our conference brochure or download our most recent ministry newsletter.


Amber Benton said...

Can't actually be there, but this looks like such fun that I think we'll rearrange our NetFlix que and have a festival of our own!


mj said...

Love all the movies you've chosen. Wish we could be there.

jamey bennett said...

Ooooh....I wish we could be there! Tom Garfield is giving some lecture in Columbia that weekend, and we also have tickets for the Gary DeMar/Hank Hanegraaff Last Days conference at the Opryland Hotel. I hope it all goes well. I would love to hear Thomas Purifoy, too!