Tuesday, September 5

August Newsletter

Ever read the work of Evelyn Waugh? You'll certainly want to after reading this month's King's Meadow Study Center newsletter. Visit our home page and click on the "what's new" link. There you can read not one but two insightful articles by Greg Wilbur on Waugh's stunning Brideshead Revisted. You'll also appreciate Dave Raymond's take on Waugh's practical (and normal) covenantalism. And as an added bonus you'll find updates on our upcoming film conference and Uttermost missions project. Read the newsletter and then pass the word to all your reading and thinking friends.


Inkling said...

I'm a fan, rather biased, of course. I especially love the young, new, eloquent editor you have. He seems quite thoughtful and intelligent. I can't claim any credit for that, though I did help him with phonics eons ago. (He wouldn't like me to tell you that I also changed his diapers.) Did you know he has a hit cassette recording out there? It includes the popular single, "I wear my sunglasses at night....because my nightlight is too bright"

gileskirk said...

Oh my! I gotta hear that tape!