Thursday, May 24

Bomb Iran?

Reduce Tehran to rubble? Norman Podhoretz makes a compelling argument for it in the current Commentary Magazine. Compelling, but not altogether convincing. There is little doubt that we live in perilous times and that Islamofascism is at the heart of our current peril. But, bomb Iran? Podhoretz and his kin will have to make a better case than to simply bang the drums of war or sound the whoops of xen.

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Unknown said...

Having been in Tehran twice in the last two years, I would add to your observations that the Iranian people are, by and large, not our enemies. Distant wars ought not to make for callous disregard of the value of human life. Iran is ruled by rigid Islamofascists, to be sure, but the common people there are in many respects held captive against their will. Let us not forget them in all our bravado.