Tuesday, May 8

The Great Debate


Diane V. said...

Hmm...I was wondering two things..."does Douglas inhale?"... and... "what must Nancy be thinking?"

Linda said...

What a great sense of humor!! Their photo reminds me of when Herb Kelleher, of Southwest Airlines, arm-wrestled Kurt Herwald of Stevens Aviation to settle a business dispute. The match was held in a large auditorium with a large crowd in attendance. Herwald came out with serious intent, but Kelleher showed up attired in running shorts and t-shirt, sweatband, beer, and a cigar hanging out of his mouth. Ya gotta love that kind of humor!

By the way, Herb Kelleher lost, but had the most fun!

Patrick said...

How is it that a clean-living Christian looks so much less healthy than an admitted alcoholic like Hitchens? Geeze-louise, Wilson looks awful! Somebody tell the guy to shed a few pounds.