Wednesday, May 16

Faint Praise

Who would have ever thought? A tribute to Jerry Falwell from Howard Fineman! But, that's the feature editorial on the Newsweek website. Of course, it is a tribute of only faint praise laced with the obligatory caveats. But, still. To have said anything akin to kindness is a giant leap forward for both Fineman and Newsweek.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Kind of a back-handed tribute if you ask me George. From Fineman's piece:

"By turns gracious and crude, Falwell was a maddening combination of worthy, lofty ambition—and mean-spirited, uncaring ignorance."

And this:

"He helped lead America in these last decades, but I wish I felt more certain that we had made it to a Better Place."

Ah yes, those loving, compassionate liberals. The man's barely been dead 24 hours and they waste no time in disparaging his reputation. While there was plent I disagreed with Rev. Falwell about, Fineman could only hope to one day have a fraction of the man's grace.

Lawrence Underwood said...

I'd have to agree with Richard on this one.

Additionally, I don't know why I have been shocked at how quickly the major media has picked up the 'Falwell was what is wrong with America' theme. I guess there is still a vestigal spot in my heart that civility still exists in the modern culture.