Wednesday, October 3

What I'm Reading


Daniel Alders said...

Dr. Grant,

Ooo, being a native Texan (currently a Junior at NSA), that last book about ole Kinky looks really interesting. Can you give us a review of it?

On a completely different note, I'm currently doing some research on Sir Walter Scott in hopes of writing a Thesis on him and his impact on Scotland and England. Can you point me in any particular direction? Any books/articles that specifically relate to that idea?


Daniel Alders

Michael R. Shipma said...

We expect a full review of the Friedman book.

Matt said...

it was really great meeting yesterday.

my mom thought it was really cool.

are those books good reading?

Matt said...

Yes I second the idea for a review on the Friedman book.

Benjamin Neiman said...

The word on the street is that Kinky is hoping to be Ron Paul's VP.