Thursday, December 20

Not for Fashion

The fad has passed. The fashion has dulled. But cancer continues to harry us. I wear the yellow LiveStrong band to remind me to pray for Kay. I wear the red St. Jude Hospital band to remind me to pray for Charlotte. I wear them both together with thanksgiving for the faithfulness, courage, and testimony of all those who suffer the adversity of illness and pain, yet not as those who have no hope.


Lynn Bruce said...

Thank you for this post, Dr. George. I never gave much heed to wrist bands before my battle with breast cancer this year, but now I get it. A close friend ordered a case of them right after my diagnosis and passed them out to my family and friends. My 8 year old son has not taken his off in almost five months.

Seeing those pink bands on my loved ones' wrists has been a continual source of encouragement during this struggle, because it reminds me that I am remembered daily with much love and prayer. I know without doubt that I owe my healing to all that love and prayer.

Kay said...

The armbands still leave me speechless. I have never felt so loved and cared for in my entire life. It may look like a simple thing, but it is HUGE! It is a constant reminder of the Lord in our midst and how He works through His covenantal community.
Thank you for thinking of this beautiful expression of love and prayer.