Saturday, December 29

Thank You Notes

Are thank you notes the "last bastion" in an epidemic of discourtesy? This fascinating article in the London Times by Valarie Grove quotes everyone from St. Ambrose to Emily Post, from The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy to the Von Trapp Family Singers. I love it--even though I've not finished writing my thank you notes yet either.


Bonnie said...

Love that article and Thank YOU notes.Actually any snail mail brings
something more than emails can~
handwriting from the heart!
Thanks, Dr. Grant!


Unknown said...

Guilt, guilt, guilt!
Tim just asked me if we could try to get our thank-you notes out earlier this year and now this.

Actually what I am really doing is 'resting' and appreciating every minute.

Jack said...

A thank you note is one of the simplest yet most appreciated form of communication there is. Thanks George for the reminder.

Amy said...

That's weird. I just finished writing one to you and Mrs. G.

Diane V. said...

Well, I must confess that at Christmas time, I'm much better at making sure my children get their "thank you" notes written than making sure mine get written. I'll just have to rememdy this! Keeping thank you notes alive and as that "last bastion" of courtesy should now be the mission of those who read Dr. Grant's blog and that "fascinating article" by Grove he shared with us! Thank you, George! Hmm, will that suffice or should I send you a thank you note? :)

Kerry said...

Thanks for the article. When my daughter graduated from high school, one of my best friends sent her a gift. She told me later that my daughter was the only one of 5 kids to write her a thank you. Although I was proud of my daughter, it saddened me that my generation is not teaching and mentoring their children to be thankful, even with a simple thank you note.