Tuesday, April 15

Architectural Worldviews

“We shape our buildings, then they shape us.” Winston Churchill

“Architecture is the most revealing of all the arts. It is possible to tell more about a culture’s faith by its buildings than by its philosophers.” Paul Johnson


Kraig McNutt said...

I find it quite interesting that Christians did not worship in what we'd think of as a church building until the third century.

Christianity was birthed in a stable, and thrives in underground, roadsides, prisons, and subversive places.

We can thank a pagan - Constantine - for emphasizing the church building that to this day results in anywhere from 20-60% of the contemporary church budget to be spent on a physical building, its upkeep, and the debt on the mortgage.

Unknown said...

It's hard to wonder about lost money when visiting those splendid, ancient cathedrals, though.