Saturday, April 5

The Truth Will Out

"The enemies of the truth are always awfully nice." Christopher Morely

"Tis strange but true;
For truth is always strange--
Stranger than fiction."
Lord Byron

"Truth is both unchanging and universal; written on every man, woman, and child’s conscience. Therefore, we never have to apologize for the truth. It is able to withstand every charge. It is able to bear up under every challenge. It is sufficient unto itself. In due course, it will prove its own value and veracity. The dumb certainties of experience will attest to its surety. The truth is not merely a moral construct. It is not a subjective application of some man-made ethical system. It is a reflection of the way things actually are. It is a part of the very warp and woof of reality. So, to veer away from the truth is to swerve into the realm of the fantastic. If we don’t live in light of the truth we are simply not being honest with ourselves and those around us. It is a dangerous form of denial. It is not too much to say therefore, that to deliberately and perpetually reject the truth is nothing short of a kind of insanity." Tristan Gylberd

“In the end the truth will out.” William Shakespeare

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