Tuesday, April 1

The Future of the Republic

A new book from New York Times Magazine reporter, Matt Bai, makes a compelling case for the contention that even if the Democrats are able to win the presidential election this year, there is a hole in the heart of the party. In The Argument, Bai focuses on the forces that have emerged within the party in recent years--from meddling, megalomanical billionaire donors to geeky, monomaniacal internet activists--and their battles with the "Establishment." Of course, most of Bai's most disturbing observations could just as easily apply to the Republicans. Clearly, none of this bodes well for the future of the Republic.


HenryJackson said...

I couldn't agree more. What do you think of the chances for the Constitution Party?
Not that they can save the Country. I remember you saying in lectures that what we need is reformation.

gileskirk said...

Henry: I do not believe that national elections are the most efficient means by which we can bring reform to our nation--they are at best, a stop gap measure. I do deeply appreciate my Constitution Party and have at times supported their efforts. Given our current electoral climate, I do think third party efforts are still relegated to "protest gestures," to use the famous phrase of Robert Taft. Of course, there are times when only a protest or a gesture toward sanity will do.

HenryJackson said...

I have voted the Constitution Party in the last two or three Presidential elections. People tell me I am wasting my vote. I tell them; not if I can sleep with a clear conscience! I just can't bring myself to vote for candidates that are blatantly self serving politicians.