Friday, August 29

Hentoff on Palin

This past spring, Nat Hentoff recommended the little known governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, as perhaps the best choice John McCain could make for his running mate. No one paid much attention to Hentoff's Washington Times op-ed piece or to his recommendation. No one except John McCain that is.


Dave Sarafolean said...

Dr. Al Mohler suggested the same thing three weeks earlier on his blog ttp://

See the May 6th entry, "Welcome to the World, Trig Paxson Van Palin."

gileskirk said...

Dave: You're right. Since I posted this, I've discovered that Dr. Mohler and Nat Hentoff were also joined by David Williamson, Brenda Chavez, and James Colin. All chimed in during the month of May. Quite insightful.

Unknown said...

Of course this was just a blog entry, but she was tagged as far back as last September for Ron Paul.

Yes, the hope dies hard.