Tuesday, November 18

Genuine Compassion

"The definition of genuine compassion is the number of people who no longer need government assistance." --J.C. Watts


A Young American said...

Great quote! I've debated (formally) a mom I know over this issue. It's amazing how many people I talk to that agree it is the church's job to care for the poor, but that the church can't and won't. They say "Yes, it's God's plan that the church care for the needy, but we live in an imperfect world, so it's impossible that the church will be able to do it." Huh? If that's the kind of mental gymnastics we must do in order to justify the government caring for the poor, what is Christianity coming to? Yet these people don't even realize they are blatantly denying that God's plan works.

iBond said...

Great quote!

michael shipma said...

We in Oklahoma love J.C. Watts. Here's to hoping he'll throw his hat into the next gubernatorial race.