Thursday, June 25

What I'm Reading at ACCS


Diane V. said...

Adding a third book to your Wilberforce reading would make things really complete, Dr. Grant. Of course, I'm refering to the Leaders in Action book, "Statesman and Saint: The Principled Politics of William Wilberforce" by David J. Vaughan. Naturally, I would encourage this book, I'm married to the author! :)

gileskirk said...

Diane: Well of course! As I said in my talk today at ACCS, "Statesman and Saint" is my all-time favorite biography of Wilberforce--and I've read it several times in the past. I just wish all the Leaders in Action books had not been hamstrung the last several years by the declining financial fortunes of the former publisher. I am now excited about the possibilities for those titles as each of the authors will now be able to place them in stronger publishing programs.