Sunday, March 21

The Executive Order Ruse

The White House has promised a compromise Executive Order on abortion to save its massive "Health Care Reform" boondoggle. But, like so many other political promises these days, this one rings hollow for at least three reasons:

1. An Executive Order can be rescinded any time. The President could quietly reverse it next week, next month, or next year. Should another pro-abortion advocate be elected in the future, it could be rescinded on inauguration day. The "Health Care Reform" bill however has a permanent non-reversal clause protecting it in perpetuity.

2. An Executive Order cannot prevent insurance companies that provide abortion from participating in the new trillion dollar tax exchanges provided for in the bill.

3. Abortion funding in the legislation can be only be removed using the legislative process. An Executive Order not only doesn’t fix the problem, it isn’t needed to fix the problem, and could not stand a legal challenge. If Pro-Life Democrats or the White House were serious about protecting taxpayers from funding abortion in "Health Care Reform," they would have to use the legislative process to fix the problem. it appears that is something they are unwilling to do.

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Lawrence Underwood said...

This is a part of what I posted on my blog today:

God help us. (I do not write that lightly.) The elected officials of this Republic have shown today how resolute they are to turn their office into an oligarchy. Against the will of the majority of their constituents they have passed a bill that will permanently change the nature of the medical system of this nation, its insurance industry, erect barriers to effective care, treatment, and medical research; and, put in place the structure that may well lead to a more 'eugenic' medical practice in the future.