Sunday, March 21

Lord, Have Mercy

Is there a single member of Congress who can actually say that they have read the 2,407-page "Health Care" bill they'll vote on today? It's longer than Moby Dick, War and Peace, and City of God combined and not nearly as well-written.

If HR 3590 were not so stridently pro-abortion, so bureaucratically-encumbered, and so maliciously unconstitutional, this vote would be laughable. As it is though, it is an unmitigated travesty.

May God have mercy on us all.


Christopher Hopper said...

Thanks for the concise plea for justice, Dr. Grant. My post was a little lengthier, but same heart-cry. Blessings on all you continue to do and stand for. ch:

Sarah Tressia said...

Dear Dr. Grant,

My mom and I follow your blogs and twitter. I greatly enjoyed reading Shelf Life as well as books edited or recommended by you.

Thank you for standing against the "health care" bill. Since you are a Pastor I would like to know what counsel you give regarding birth control methods.

Sarah Potter