Tuesday, December 2

Abercrombie Flinched

Under concerted boycott pressure from family advocacy groups, Abercrombie and Fitch stores have stopped selling their pornographic "Christmas Field Guide." Maryam Kubasek, spokeswoman for the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families, sees the retailer's move as significant but says her group will continue its Stop A&F Campaign. "It is a victory; they are obviously sensitive to public pressure, but they are definitely not off the hook," she told WorldNetDaily, noting the "magalog" is still sold via subscription, and the company's blatant promotion of promiscuity continues. For instance, the company still issues shopping bags, fliers, and other marketing materials with sexually explicit images.

I started writing about the Abercrombie's commitment to brazen lasciviousness as long ago as 1998. For years they have remained recalcitrant. Finally, they've flinched. It looks like they are actually beginning to get the message that perversity is just not the best approach to drumming up business at the neighborhood mall.

Wounded Knee Update

Dr. Grant got the results of his MRI yesterday. It looks like he does indeed have cartilage damage from the auto accident he was in two weeks ago. In addition, there are indications of bone bruises on both sides of his right knee . Surgery has been scheduled for Wednesday, December 10. That means he will be out of commission for much of the next couple of weeks, And worse, he will be prohibited from running for as long as six weeks. The name of his Wounded Knee Running Team was chosen as a joke--intended as a lighthearted way to raise funds for his beloved Classical Christian schools in Iraq. It now appears to have been a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy! Can you say "cranky?"

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