Monday, December 15

Snafu Hunt

Calling all goofs, muffs, blunders, gaffes, bloopers, howlers, bungles, slip-ups, boo-boos, oversights, missteps, and clangers! This week, while I'm limping about, I will be editing and revising The Christian Almanac and The Patriot's Handbook for second editions. I'll only be working on these this week--so please don't send in any embarrassing errors, glaring typos, or unforgivable omissions next week. Do it this week! Preferably, by Thursday. If you know of any particularly irksome mistakes, please do pass them on! If you know of any noticably eggregious miscalculations, here is your opportunity to make them right!

Both books are so encyclopedic that I have little hope of getting them entirely cleaned up, even on this pass through. But with a little help from my friends, perhaps we can rid them of the worst of the worst inexactness, incorrectness, and imprecision!

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