Wednesday, December 10

Political Blogs

The 2004 presidential campaign is shaping up to be as high tech as the war against terror has been. For example, the current political stealth tactic is blogging. President Bush has a blog on his reelection web site. So do most of the sundry Dems--led by front-runner Howard Dean. The blogs provide up-to-the-minute news direct from the candidates as they travel around the country to deliver their message to the American people. But they also solicit contributions, recruit volunteers, provide policy talking points, distribute customized screen savers and banner ads, advertise merchandise, and offer up hefty doses of spin and buzz. The sites are fascinating approaches to grassroots campaigning and are remarkable illustrations of how quickly politics can adapt to contemporary marketing and communication opportunities.

Wounded Knee Surgery

Dr. Grant will have minor surgery this morning to repair damage caused to his knee in a recent automobile accident. Of course, lately he has taken to quoting basketball great, Charles Barkley, who sagely quipped, "Minor surgery is only that surgery done on someone else!"

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