Thursday, December 11

Update Redeux

The second day after surgery is supposed to be the worst. If so, Dr. Grant is coming through with flying colors. He says that his knee is OK. Hurts a bit. And the bandage is a hassle. But he has not taken any pain meds all day. It looks like he should be up and running again in a week or so. Until then, He's getting all the sympathy he can muster!

Actually, he has a physical therapy session tomorrow. He is hoping he will be given clearance to speak at a Saturday morning breakfast for potential recruits for Servant Group International's mission to Iraq and again at the Lessons in Carols presentation at Christ Community Church Sunday evening. Under the direction of Greg Wilbur, that presentation is one of the highlights of the Yuletide season and Dr. Grant has already let it be known that he would not miss it for the world!

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