Tuesday, June 21

Covenant Succession

I am in Memphis for the annual ACCS classical school conference. This is always a great opportunity to renew vision for covenantal succession and substantive discipleship. But this year I am also witnessing the reality of covenantal succession in a whole new way--several of the administrators from our schools in Indonesia will be here with one of my former students who has committed to go back with them to Jakarta to serve as a teacher. I could not be more grateful to the Lord for the way He has magnified our impact around the world--and for the way He has begun to raise up a whole new generation of leaders. To read all about Laura's preparation for her great Indonesian adventure, visit her blog: Asia and Chocolate.

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Laura said...

Dr. G ... I drank up the words you spoke today of the life of Theodore Beza. What an amazing man of unwavering faith. Words can't begin to describe the blessings I received this week meeting the teachers from Morning Star. It is obvious that God has been orchestrating this partnership for a long time. I sure didn't want to leave them this afternoon! Thank you for your investment in my life and for partering with me as I take this next journey of my life. Soli Deo Gloria!